Instruction ~ One-on-One

    I regularly receive enquiries about whether I teach. I have long enjoyed sharing my knowledge through online forums and live group demo tutorials, as well as limited on-on-one tutoring with committed, motivated individuals.
    This last year (2020) I tried some remote teaching and found it challenging to organize. I’m a creature of habit and routine and my own work must rule as it is our livelihood. I’ve come to see how much of my attention it requires, even while away from the bench.

    At this moment, I would be happy to address a very few pointed questions on technique.

    Before commencing sessions we can communicate about your interest(s), then move to specific questions/techniques. At this time I am working with individuals who have advanced beyond a beginning level.
    Initially much can be imparted through email augmented with FaceTime for Apple devices.
Fees would include:
1. Online meet & greet: first 10 minutes free – $2/min thereafter
2. Offline prep: first 10 minute free: $2/min. thereafter
3. Online tutorial time: $2/minute with a minimum of 30 minutes
Payment through PayPal at this time.
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